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Alumni Meet

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Reminiscing the Beginning

Giving every cause a voice, TISS has successfully sent out change agents leaving footprint of TISS in all corners of the country and abroad. Striving to be building blocks of humanity free from disparity, oppression, hatred and various segregations, TISS- Tuljapur has proudly sent more that 150 committed individuals with a pledge of working for the society. In this auspicious moment when we pause to recollect the path all have chosen, we feel privileged to organize an alumni meet to share stories of struggles with the one’s yet to begin their journey.

As theoretical debates continue on the notion of development, we have TISSians contributing to it, both academically and practically. While the world continues to be broken into smaller fragments we take this opportunity to unite voices. As words fall short to acknowledge all efforts made to bring small or big changes, we organize a milieu to trace our fight for an egalitarian world. While some have gained visibility, many continue to toil silently looking for a way out of a society of despair towards a world of equality. Many are essential contributors to various organizations working for a change; some assert their poise by initiating organizations themselves. Others hold important positions in government administration. Making their presence felt in all spheres our alumni continues to make determined and undying efforts for a better tomorrow. Their journey is our inspiration. Making every effort count we continue to meet at the crossroad from where all roads begin: TISS, School Of Rural Development, Tuljapur.


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Initiatives of  TISS Tuljapur Alumni

Lakshaya Rural Development Center (LRDC)


In 2008 Bundelkhand saw two rural folks; Mr. ShobhitPratap Singh and Mr. Pushpendra Singh develop a union to work with rural populace. These two young, dynamic and energetic youths formed an informal group of rural people and started social initiatives based on health and education. The youthful group organized various health camps, interactive sessions in rural primary schools and sessions with the community on development and many more.

At a later stage realizing limitations, the idea of formal registration of the group evolved. In May 2012, the group was registered under the name of Lakshaya Rural Development Center (LRDC) with a team that comprised of Rural Development Practitioners, Social Workers, Social Entrepreneurs, Farmers and Wage labourers. There unfolded a new journey.

Today LRDC is working on various thematic social courses in 16 remote villages of Bundelkhand region. LRDC is also making earnest struggles to take social problems from the community level to the policy level of State using the medium of advocacy. Channelizing honest hard work LRDC is also planning to organize All India Rural Olympiad. Wishing all the best to such productive undertakings, TISS-SRD is proud to promote and encourage such constructive endeavor of its alumni.

For more details Kindly visit :

Social Worker’s Action for Rural Development, India (SWARD-India)

SWARD-Logo (1)12 students from rural campus came together with a visionto “to reconstruct the rural society based on the principles of Equality, Liberty, and Social Justice”and decided to work for changing rural lives. Soon they gave themselves a name; SWARD, India (Social Worker’s Action for Rural Development) in Tuljapur. The Themain objective of establishing this organization was to promote sustainable development with practice of social work profession for enhancement of growth and equity for a just society.

To take it forward the members are now engaging is possibilities of providing fellowship to rural youth from their personal contribution.


Janmanas social development orgnization is Registered under  Register in Society Registration Act 1986, in 2010. Janmanas organization is a collective and systematic initiative taken by the students, who graduated from School of Rural Development, TISS.  The organization is working since 2010 in Marathwada region of Maharashtra State. which is also the most backward region of the state where we can find social issues such as gender discrimination, caste discrimination, livelihood issue, unemployment, unequal distribution of lands and other natural resources,  Dalit atrocity, Dalit land right issue, high ratio of illiteracy, also the area which is known as the most drought prone area. however this vibrant group from Rural Campus does not hesitate to fight all battles with dedication and commitment to bring change.

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