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Year 2013-14


Name of Faculty Paper Published
Dr. Ashok Ohol Ohol, Ashok. 2010. ‘Masan Jogi: A Symbol of Syncretic Society,’ in Indian Journal of Secularism, Vol. 13 No. 4 Jan-March 2010. Pp 54-66.
Dr. Ashok Ohol Ohol, Ashok. 2014. ‘Ethnography of Song and Dance of Vasudev, an Itinerant Community of Maharashtra’ in Man in India, an International Jouran of Anthropology. Vol 94 No 4 Part –II December, 2014. Pp. 867–878
Dr. Babasaheb Kazi Use of Creative Literature in Teaching Social Work :Social Work Education and Practice in India: Innovations and Interventions ;Dr. Mahesh Chaughule and Dr. Jitendra Gandhi Centre for Reserch and Development, Pune 2013
Dr. Sudheer Srikrishna P  "Economics Of Organic Versus Chemical Farming For Three Crops In Andhra Pradesh, India" published by Journal of Organic Systems Vol.8 No.2 (2013) pp 36-49 ISSN: 1177-4258
Dr. Sudheer Srikrishna P  Economics of Organic Farming : A Study in Andhra Pradesh Published by Astral International,New Delhi ISBN: 9789351302803, August 2014.
Dr. Anjali Kulkarni Financial Inclusion Need of Time ,International Journal of Business , Management & Social Sciences, June,2013,pp.149-153
Kulkarni Anjali and others (2013) 'Women's Bank : A Forward', Pune :National Institute of Bank Management, Pune,2013 [Working paper]
Kulkarni Anjali and Kaveri V.S. (2013) Creation of Employment and Entrepreneurship- RSETI Way – A Case of MSETI, Pune , Pune : National Institute
Naveen Kumar K , Kulkarni Anjali (2013)
Investments by the Commercial Banks in Training of Rural Communities & its Impact: Scope of Open and Distance Learning, Pune, Vancouver, Canada, National institute of Bank Management, COL- Commonwealth of Learning ,2013 (co-author)

Dr. Sampat Kale
Development Initiatives with the Approach of Conscientisation: A Study of Voluntary Organisation in Thane District of Maharashtra. In R. Tribhuwan (Ed.), Tribal Development Issues and Challenges, Pune: Tribal Research and Training Institute, Government of Maharashtra, 2013.
Maharashtratil Gramin Vikasache Rajkaran: Sadhyastithi aani Aawahane, Samajshtra Sanshodhan Patrika, 15 (31), 44–50, 2013.
Maharashtra Jalniti Ani Dushkal Mahotsav, Arthpurna, 12–24 and 43, May, 2013.

Dr. Gunvant Birajdar
Numerical Solutions of Fractional Partial Differential Equations by Discrete Adomian Decomposition Method, Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 6 (1), 107–119, 2014. (co-author)
Numerical Solution of Time Fractional Navier-Stokes Equations by Discrete Adomian Decomposition Method, Nonlinear Engineering Modeling & Applications, 10.1515/nleng-2012-0004, 2192 8029, 1–6, 2014.

Dr. Niladri Dhar
On Days of Employment of Rural Labour Households, Review of Agrarian Studies, 2 (2), 106–115, 2012.
Features of Rural Underemployment in India: Evidence from Nine Villages, Review of Agrarian Studies, 3 (1), 14–54, 2013. (co-author)
Hired Manual Workers: A Note. In V.K. Ramachandran, N. Kaur and M. Swaminathan (Eds.), Dalit Households in Village Economies, New Delhi: Tulika Books, 2014.
Mr. Manoj Joseph Right to Education or Right Education: The Dilemma of Choice in Educating Children with Disability in Rural Areas. In J. Menachery (Ed.), The Status of Educational Rights of Marginalized Children in India: Need of Social Work Intervention, Nagpur: Matru Sewa Sangh Institute of Social Work, 2014.

Dr. Anjali Kulkarni
Financial Inclusion: Need of Time, International Journal of Business, Management and Social Sciences, 2 (10), 149–153), 2013.
Investments by the Commercial Banks in Training of Rural Communities and its Impact: Scope of Open and Distance Learning, Pune: National Institute of Bank Management, Pune; and Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2013. (co-author)
Creation of Employment and Entrepreneurship: A RSETI Way — Case Study of MSETI, Pune, Working Paper, Pune; National Institute of Bank Management, 2013.
Women’s Bank: The Way Forward, Working Paper, Pune; National Institute of Bank Management, 2013. (co-author)
Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Banking Sector: A Critical Analysis. In S. Sivaraju and S. Ray (Eds.), CSR Implementation: Indian Perspective, Mumbai: Springer, 2014.
Mr. Shahaji Narwade The Case of Maharashtra’s Disappearing Water, Economic and Political Weekly, 48 (18), 19–21, 2013. (co-author)
Dr. Sri Krishna Sudheer Patoju Economics of Organic Farming, New Delhi: Astral International, 2013.
Economics of Organic versus Chemical Farming for Three Crops in Andhra Pradesh, India, Journal of Organic Systems, 8 (2), 36–49, 2013.

Prof. Abdul Shaban
Mumbai: Political Economy of Crime and Space, Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan, 2010.
Muslims in Urban India: Development and Exclusion,Saqib Khan, Edited Book, Co-author, Concept Publishing ,New Delhi,January 2013
Ethnic Politics, Muslims and Space in Contemporary Mumbai. In A. Shaban (Ed.), Lives of Muslims in India: Politics, Exclusion and Violence, New Delhi: Routledge, 2012.
Water Security and Sustainability in Urban India, International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, 11(3/4), 231–254, 2011. (coauthor)
Poverty and Poverty Alleviation Strategies in India: Trend, Dimensions and Lessons Learn,Poverty and Social Exclusion in India,Rawat Publications,New Delhi2013
Neolibralism, Crime and Cities: Muslims, Marginalised, and Socio-spatial Praxis in Contemporary Times,Muslims in Urban India: Development and Exclusion,Concept Publishing,2013
Poverty, Unemployment and Housing Distress among Muslims in Mumbai,Muslims in Urban India: Development and Exclusion,Concept Publishing,New Delhi, 2013
Climate Change in Himachal: Evidence from Kullu Region, Economic and Political Weekly, 49 (4), 19–22, 2014. (co-author)
Rainfall Cycles, Livelihood and Migration in India, International Journal for Sustainable Innovations, 3 (1), 93–104, 2013. (co-author)
Water Poverty in Urban India: A Study of Major Cities. In P. Chauhan (Ed.), Applied Geography, Kolkata: Readers Service, 2013.
India’s Policing Disorder,, Apr. 22, 2014.
Housing Market and the Poor in Mumbai, Shelter, 15(1), 75–81, 2014.
Dr. Aparna Watve Current Scenario of Kas plateau in Satara, Sakav (Marathi magazine).

Dr. Neelam Yadava
Socio-personal and Socio-economic Characteristics of Women Engaged in Sericulture Enterprise in Uttarakhand, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, 2(8), 95–103, 2013.
Cases of Women Entrepreneurs Engaged in Sericulture Enterprise in Uttarakhand, International Journal of Entrepreneurship And Business Environment Perspectives, 2 (3), 596–599, 2013.

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