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Year 2011-12


Name of Faculty Paper Published
Dr. Sampat Kale Stop Land Grabbing Programme: GIREM 101 Publications, E-Magzine, Mumbai, January, 2012, Page No 19.
Dr. Sai Thakur Box 17.1 Racism, Caste-based Discrimination and Global Civil Society. In H. Anheier, M. Glasius, M. Kaldor, Gil-Sung Park and C. Sengupta (Eds.), Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of Justice, Great Britain: Palgrave Macmilan, 2011.
Dr. Byasa Moharana Subaltern religion and modern disciplinary assumptions: A case of Mahimā Dharma and contemporary social science discourses. In Prashant Pradhan (Ed) Resisting dominance: Mahima Dharma in 20th century Orissa. Published by UN College, Adashpur, Odisha. [ISBN 81-88263-16-8]
Dr. Anjali Kulkarni Book Review 'Towards Financial Inclusion in India [by Karmakar K.G , Banerjee G.D.,Mohpatra] Sage publications in PRAJNAN- Journal of Social and Management Sciences, NIBM, Pune. pp.269-272.
Dr. Anjali Kulkarni 'SHG- Bank Linkage Programme : Women's Economic Empowerment Through Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Development,International Journal of Business , Management & Social Sciences, Vol. I, Issue 8(IV), April,2012 pp.102-106
Prof. M. Kunhaman Revisiting Development in the Era of Globalization. In M.K. Saralamma and M.S. Nair (Eds.), Development Welfare, Deprivation in the Era of Globalization, New Delhi: Sonali Publication, 2011.

Dr. Aparajita Bakshi
Food Security and Crop Diversification: Can West Bengal Achieve Both? In B. Basu, B.K Chakrabarti, S.R. Chakravarty and K. Gangopadhyay (Eds.), Econophysics and Economic Games, Social Choices and Quantitative Techniques, Springer, 2010. (co-author)
Social Inequality in Land Ownership in India: A Study with Particular Reference to West Bengal, Social Scientist, 36(9/10), 95–116, 2008
Changing Lives and Landscapes: A Case Study of Employment Guarantee in Bonkati Gram Panchayat, Review of Agrarian Studies, 1(1), 2011
Weakening Panchayats in West Bengal, Review of Agrarian Studies, 1(2), 2012.

Dr. Byasa Moharana
Subaltern Religion and Modern Disciplinary Assumptions: A Case of Mahimā Dharma and Contemporary Social Science Discourses. In P. Pradhan (Ed.), Resisting Dominance: Mahima Dharma in 20th Century Orissa, Cuttack: UN College, Adashpur, 2011.
The Text and the Context: The Discourse of Motherhood in Radical Feminist Writings and in the Manusmriti, Journal of Sacred Scriptures, 3(3), 95–109, 2009. (co-author)

Dr. Sampat Kale
Pannashi Samajik Maharashtrachi aani Samajik Bhan. In M. Kulkarni (Ed.), Building Knowledge and Advocacy, Mumbai: Akshar Prakashan, 2011.
Land Grabbing Programme: Court Point, GIREM 101: E-Magazine, Mumbai, January 2012.

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