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Year 2010-11


Name of Faculty Paper published
Dr. Roopesh Kaushik Prospects of the Indian Tourism Industry Journal of Economic and Social Research Institute , (E.S.R.I.) Economic and Social Research
Dr.Sampat Kale A Land Grabbing Programme: SEZs in India: Projects Today Sterling House, Mumbai, September, 2010.
Dr.Sampat Kale North-East at a glance: Meghalaya, Yojana, Mumbai, December 2010.
Dr.Sampat Kale Land Issues slow down region’s march: Times of India, Pune, 23 Nov 2010.
Dr.Sampat Kale People’s Power and SEZs in India: A journal of Asia for Democracy and Development, Morena, 2010.
Dr.Sampat Kale People Centred Budget & Marginalised: Arthapurna, Pune, May 2011.
Dr.Sampat Kale Pannashi Samajik Maharashtrachi aani Samajik bhan: Akshar Prakashan, Edited by Medha Kulkarni, Mumbai, November, 2011.
Dr. Ramesh Jare Participation of Debits in Gramsabha: Issues and Challenges Ahead, Research Lim, 7(12), 19–22, 2010.
Dr. Ramesh Jare Dalitancha Panchayat Rajya Sansthan Madhi Sahbag: Marahwadyatil Vastastiti, Rucchi, 2, 8–11, 2010.
Dr. Abdul Shaban Mumbai: Political Economy of Crime and Space, Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan, 2010.
Ms. Rukmini Jadhav A Comparative Study of James Joyce’s Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Literary Endeavour, 3, 2010.
Postmodernism in English Literature, Thematics, 1, 2011.

Prof. M. Kunhaman
Politics of Development: The Backlog of Vidarbha and Marathwada. In T. Jadhav (Ed.), Maharashtra Annual Book 2011, Pune: Unique Academy, 2011.
People Centred Budget and the Marginalised. In Y. Malkar (Ed.), Arthapurna, Pune: Athapurna Publications, 2011.
Anti-SEZ Movement in India, Journal of Asia for Democracy and Development, 10(2), 169–176, 2010.
The Anti-SEZ Movementin India: An Account of the Struggle in Maharashtra, Pune: National Centre for Advocacy Studies, 2011.
Revisiting Development in the Era of Globalization, Social Science in Perspective, 2(1), 30–44, 2010.
Political Economy of the Structural Adjustment Programme in India. In K. Satyanarayana and S. Tharu (Eds.), NO Alphabet in Sight: New Dalit Writings from South India, Delhi: Penguin Books, 2011.
Socio-economic Development of the Dalits in India: A Macro Economic Overview. In K. Satyanarayana and S. Tharu (Eds.), No Alphabet in Sight: New Dalit Writings from South India, Delhi: Penguin, 2011.
Mr. Shahaji Narwade Yashogatha (a booklet on best sustainable agricultural practices in Marathi), Tuljapur: SRD, TISS and Agricultural Technology Management Agency, 2010.
Prof. Pradip Prabhu Exclusion and Inclusion in the Forest Rights Legislation, Journal of Socio Legal Research, 6, 2010.
Dr. Neelam Yadava Model Villages Under Panchayati Raj Institution: A Roadmap in Rural Development. In Compendium of National Seminar on ‘Building the Model Village through PRI’, held on August 9–10, 2010 at NIRD, Centre for Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad.

Dr. Sai Thakur
Box 17.1 Racism, Caste-based Discrimination and Global Civil Society. In H. Anheier, M. Glasius, M. Kaldor, Gil-Sung Park and C. Sengupta (Eds.), Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of Justice, Great Britain: Palgrave Macmilan, 2011.
Historicizing Ethnography: Rethinking Theory and Methodology. In A.K. Giri (Ed.), Pathways of Creative Research: Towards a Festival of Dialogues, New Delhi: Shipra Publications, 2011.

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