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M.A Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship

M.A Social Entrepreneurship

Overview :

M.A in Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship is a two-year masters’ programme designed to help those who believe in social innovation and enterprise as a tool for social change. The MA program is planned to help students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to launch a new social entrepreneurial venture or play a key leadership role in an existing one. The programme is interdisciplinary in nature and draws heavily from the blend of praxis of theory and cases, experience, and student inquiry. The programme is structured around the following important elements that are interwoven throughout: the field of social innovations and entrepreneurship, the players and business structures used by entrepreneurs in rural context, the strategies, tensions, and realities of starting and/or managing an enterprise and social venture and making a difference.

 The programme aims at developing business modeling and critical evaluation skills useful to students contemplating careers in social investing, business consulting, or in international development institutions. It focuses on the unique entrepreneurial processes associated with the creation or discovery of positive social change. The courses are designed to create an innovative and sustainable approach for addressing the rural developmental issues. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the concept, theories and practice of social Innovations and Entrepreneurship around the nation especially in context of rural India. This concentration will provide an introduction to the concepts and theoretical core of social innovations, enterprise and practice. The course aims,

    1. To enable students to develop and use business skills to address complex social problems especially in context of rural India.

    2. To enable students to build business plan for their own social venture or enterprise

    3. To provide students with a working knowledge of the concepts, opportunities and challenges of social innovations and entrepreneurship.

The expectations from the students is that they will be able to demonstrate the role of social innovators and entrepreneurship in creating innovative responses to critical social needs (e.g., hunger, poverty, inner city education, global warming, etc). This course will help to prepare students personally and professionally for meaningful employment by reflecting on the issues of social innovations and entrepreneurship. After the completion of the programme students are expected to start their own venture.

Curriculum Framework :


SEMESTER I (18 credits)


FC 1 : Understanding Indian Society (2)

FC 2 : Introduction to Political Economy (2)

FC 3 : India’s Development Experience (2)

SIE 1 : Social Innovations & Entrepreneurship (2)

SIE 2 : Business Plan (2)

SIE 3 : Business Ethics (2)

Field Immersion (6)


SEMESTER II (14 credits)


SIE 4 : Research Methods (4)

SIE 5 : Rural Innovations and Entrepreneurship (2)

SIE 6 : Banking and Microfinance (2)

SIE 7 : Entrepreneurial Leadership and Motivation (2)

SIE 8 : Understanding the SE Environment : Sector Studies (2)

SIE 9 : Social Entrepreneurial Project Management (2)


SEMESTER III (20 Credits)


Field Immersion [ 18+ Viva 2 credits ] (20)


SEMESTER IV (11 Credits)


SIE 10 : Community Capacity Building for Social Innovations and Enterprise Development (2)

SIE 11 : Financial Management (2)

SIE 12 : Marketing for Social Ventures (2)

 Dissertation & Viva-Vice (5+1) (6)


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