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Academic Curriculum

Curriculum Design  

The curriculum is structured along perspective building, analytical skills development and experiential learning courses. 

Perspective Building Perspective Building courses are envisaged to provide foundational knowledge in the disciplinary tracks of History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, and Psychology, and will facilitate students’ understanding of society, individuals, economy, and politics. The courses are structured in three levels—Basic, Interdisciplinary, and Thematic—aimed at taking the students through a progressive and interrelated understanding of social science knowledge. curriculum framework has been developed along the following principles.

Analytical SkillsAnalytical Skills Development courses will facilitate learning of essential skills such aslogical reasoning; mathematics; language competencies in English and an Indian language; the ability to use literary texts to understand and analyse society and individual motivations; development of writing, numerical, and critical thinking capabilities; strong grounding in philosophy of research in Social Sciences, research methods and practices that inculcate the ability to analyse and present evidence, reflect on and link to theories. Several courses that equip students with basic knowledge of natural and physical sciences will also be offered.

Experiental Learning Experiential Learning sessions are spread across the three years, with each session taking the student incrementally from exposure to engagement with guided mentoring by thefaculty and field-based organisations. Each of the sessions is credited and graded.

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