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About :


The concept of Samadhan is best captured in its name, which is a Hindi word that translates into ‘Solution’ to a problem. And it is this simple one  word philosophy to identify problems and issues plaguing in rural India, then creating a local youth as a local leader (Gramdoot) to find a solution  to the same and finally to empower that leader through training and skill development to tackle the problem and implement the solution. It is a  concept that seeks to unite the urban and the rural in order to solve rural social issues.

Samadhan combines two important concepts, that of solutions for rural problem and that of the role of youth in finding and implementing these  solutions. The potential role of the Rural Youth in this process is extensive. Majority of the country’s population lives in rural areas. Samadhan  aims at providing a platform to the Rural Youth to come with innovative solutions to solve their area’s problems. There is a two pronged objective  of firstly, finding solutions for problems of Rural India, and secondly, to develop India’s Rural Youth into leaders.


Rural Innovators Conclave :


As the Samadhan begins with its Rural Innovators conclave based on Bottom approach to finding the viable ideas for solving the rural problem by rural youth itself. The selection has been done rigorous process of three stages and received registration of more than 400 rural youngsters as participants and 65 as applicants. And finally the winners for Gramdoot award were awarded by the Prof. S Parasuraman, Director.

Samadhan's Working Model  :


 Samadhan’s working model


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