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Mushaira- TISS, Tuljapur


Mushaira is a poetic symposium. It is an event called as mehfil, (محفل) where poets gather to perform their works.


We are going to conduct the contest of poetry known as “Mushaira” in its traditional languages Urdu and Hindi. Traditionally, Mushaira used to provide a platform to bring poetic expression from different regional and cultural settings. Keeping that tradition alive and to make it more inclusive, this Mushaira contest will made open to all languages. It aims to end the cultural specificity  leading to a mass consciousness about the poetry that the free self expression should not stop due to any linguistic barrier so Urdu, Hindi and all Indian languages will be welcomed. 

Free self expression could be poetry of resistance, social change, love, separation, political thought, state, nationalism or anything  which can be in synchrony and lyrical in nature. Mushaira is a poetic symposium. It is an event called as mehfil, (محفل) where  poets gather to perform their works. A Mushaira has been part and parcel of the culture of South Asia, and it is greatly admired by participants as a forum for free self-expression. Our Mushaira is open to all.


Contact Person:

Prafulla Parashar

Ph: +919420842890


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