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Introduction & Objective

Introduction & Objective


Introduction :

The life of Dr Ambedkar, a person born as an untouchable who went on to become one of the most erudite scholars ever to have graced this planet, is and shall always remain a source of inspiration. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world unanimously agreed that he was an intellectual stalwart and a critical thinker extraordinary. A determined fighter, he challenged the existing oppressive structures and was the strongest leader to emerge from among the (ex) untouchables. He successfully represented the diverse interests of the depressed classes both at the national and international level. His relentless efforts to fight discrimination and oppression in all its forms are evinced in the very spirit of the Constitution which was drafted under his guidance. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was and is a veritable phenomenon.

The critical and nuanced understanding over the different social, political and cultural issues provided by Babasaheb continue to intrigue, inspire and guide us. It is with the intention to broaden our understanding of this great figure that the Ambedkar Memorial Lecture series was started in 2009. AML is a critical and constant engagement for us in the construction and deconstruction of the established notions of our society. AML as a process has evolved with its foure fundamental objectives.

Objectives :

  1. It aims to integrate students from various parts of India with regard to their common interest on Ambedakar’s Thoughts.

  2. To promote cultural interaction amongst them which would be of a long lasting nature.

  3. To unify thoughts which explore and propagate different dimensions of Ambedkars’s philosophies.

  4. The final objective is to formulate the process of continuous socialization amongst everybody who holds an inclination towards exploring the vast area of Dr. Ambedkar’s philosophies and simultaneously passing on the knowledge to people who are unaware about the multiple facets of the great thinker

Student Roll :

AML is a collective initiative taken by SRD students and faculty to create platform for facilitating the knowledge, teachings and philosophy/ intellectual thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar and foreground the relevance of Ambedkar’s thoughts in academic discourses and contemporary society.

Last AML :

Last year, 2016, we invited Mr Martin Macwan (Founder of NAVASARJAN Organisation in Gujarat) and Mr Bhanvar Meghwanshi (Founder of DAGAR Organisation in Rajasthan) to our Tuljapur Campus,TISS.

Brif notes on Lectures to till now :

Prof. M. Kunhaman (TISS) was the first speaker of the Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) (2009). He delivered his thought on “ Ambedkarism and its relevance in Democracy ”.

The second AML was scheduled in the beginning of 2011 due to National Rural Youth Festival at SRD Tuljapur. Dr. Anand Teltumbade delivered his lecture on “AntiImperialism and Annihilation of Caste”.

In the year 2012, the third AML was addressed by Prof. Ramaiah, TISS Mumbai Campus on the topic “Growing Crimes against Dalits in India: Relevance of DrAmbedkar’s Separate Settlements”.

During the fourth lecture, the SRD student community had organised two AML lectures by Prof. P. G. Jogdand and Prof. Suresh Mane on the topics “Ambedkar as a Sociologist Beyond Reductionism” and “Indian Democracy The Ambedkarite Perspective” respectively.

The fifth lecture was held in the year 2015 included four guest faculties Dr. S.M Dahiwale, Mr Paul Diwakar, Prof. Ramesh Kamble and Dr Sushma Andhare.

The sixth lecture we have invited Prof. Vivek Kumar from Jawharlal Neharu University, Delhi, he delivered his lecture on “From Modernity to Universilism: A vission of od Dr. B. R Ambedkar” and our second speaker was Dr. Suryakant Waghmore, Tiss, Mumbai. Who has deliver his lecture on “ Civilty Agianst Caste: Dalit Politics and Citizenship in Western India.

We the Students of TISS could succeed in organising Ambedlar Memorial Lecture and propagating the ideas of Ambedkar for creating ideal Society till date. Yours expertise and experience in the field of empowerment of marginalised community will be an excellent addition to our program, we are looking forward to hearing and learning from your lecture.

It is an honour to invite you to be a guest speaker. As we aware of your great contribution to this field of work.

Contact Person :

1. Umeshkumar Waghchaure ( Student coordinator of AML)

    Phone number: 9637963950

2. Ashok Hatagale

     Phone number : 8888955818

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