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Circulation of Library Resources

Circulation counter of Library


Circulation of Library Resources ( Books & other reading materials) 

During Academic Session 

     09.30 hrs to 22.00 hrs (Monday to Saturday) 

     10.00 hrs to17.00 hrs (Sunday)

During Vacation Period 

     09.30 hrs to 17.00 hrs (Monday to Saturday)

     No issue & return transactions on Sundays & Public Holidays.

     Resources borrowed from the library shall be returned on or before the due date during library working hours.


If there are no reservations, library resources can be renewed by the  users  maximum two times. The resources issued other than books will not be renewed.



Library may recall a book/s at any time before it’s due date. It is mandatory to return the book/s when it is recalled. The overdue charges may be increased for failure to return a book, when it is due or recalled.


Members can reserve only those materials, which are already issued at the Circulation Desk. One reader can reserve maximum two books at any given time. Intimation of availability of reserved items will be sent through e-mail. Reserved books will be put on hold at the Circulation Desk for maximum two working days from the date of return by previous borrower. If a member who has reserved the book fails to pick up the same within this period, the reservation stands cancelled.


Loss of /Damage to Library Materials 

The Loss of book/s must be reported immediately. Members shall take note that overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book/s is reported. If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return. If the book is lost/damaged borrower will have to replace the book with same edition or with latest edition within 30 days from reporting, along with overdue charges or the borrower will be charged triple the cost of the book if it is not replaced. Borrower must pay double the price of the book, if the lost book is out of print/out of stock. A fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for the loss of Compendium/Files etc.

Reserve Shelf Collection  

Reserve Shelf consists of books which are in high demand. These are non-renewable books & issued to the faculty and students for a period of only 2 days.

Issue of books during vacation 

Except the students who are in final semester of their program, remaining library members can borrow books during the vacation period as per the normal rules.

Books Issued, Personal Books & Other materials 


Members are allowed to bring issued books, their personal books and other reading materials inside the Library. These items should bear the respective members name and ID Number. Members will have to produce these items at the Security Check point at the main entrance every time while entering in, and leaving the Library.

Late Fee ( applies to all categories of users except Faculty Members)


Overdue charges are levied on the members for the items returned after due date. The borrowing facility shall be suspended, if the net accumulated late fee exceeds Rs. 300/-. Borrower account will be activated, only once the late fee is paid, and the books are returned.

 General Books

  1. Rs.1.00 per day (First-7 days)

  2. Rs.2.00 per day (8th day and onwards)

 Reserve Shelf Books

  1.  Rs. 5.00 per day (First-7 days)

   2.  Rs. 10.00 per day (8th day and onwards)

General Guidelines 

The Library is a space for common study and research, members are requested to maintain peace and observe dignified silence within the  Library premises.

  1. Users are requested to bring their institute ID card, while coming to the Library. It is must for borrowing Library materials and is not transferable

  2. All members are requested to keep their personal belongings at the Property Counter at their own risk. Library is not responsible for loss or damage

  3. Members are requested to handle the learning resources with utmost care. Mutilation, writing, scribbling, marking, cutting pages will be viewed seriously and could result in library privileges being withdrawn

  4. Documents marked as “Reference Copy” are to be consulted within the library premises only

  5. Learning resources issued from the library are to be returned at the Circulation counter only during its working hours on or before due date

  6. Members are held responsible for all items issued on their name, until they are returned to the Library

  7. Members are requested to check the books & other reading materials thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, any damages, markings etc. before borrowing

  8. No books in damaged conditions will be accepted from the members. Mutilated or spoiled books may have to be replaced with new copy by the borrower

  9. The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehavior or misuse of Library facilities/materials

  10. Faculty and staff going on long leave, with or without salary, deputation, study leave, or extraordinary leave will have to return all borrowed materials before leaving the institute

  11. Please do not re-shelve the books leave them on the table library staff will arrange them

  12. Members are not allowed to study in the stack room area

  13. No material from the Library should be taken out without proper issue. Any type of violation may lead to a disciplinary action

  14. Alumni/Individuals/Institutional members are allowed to use the library facilities and services only with the permission of the Librarian

  15. Please keep mobile phone in silent mode. The audible use of mobile phone is not permitted in the Library premises

  16. Do not attempt to access, distribute or display material which is offensive, obscene, defamatory etc. If a member is found guilty of the same such behavior will be viewed seriously and this may invite penalty and disciplinary action

  17. Use of personal stereos, music sets and walkmans are not permitted in Library

  18. Smoking, eatables and drinks are not allowed in the Library premises


Library Working hours 


During Academic Session.

  •   Monday to Saturday : 9.30 a.m.– 2. 00 a.m (next day)

  •    Sundays : 10.00 a.m. –11.45 p.m.


During Vacation Period.

  •    Monday to Saturday : 9.30 a.m. –5.45 p.m.

  •    Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays




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